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We are always interested to find out the opinions from people who have attended our courses. Here are two people who wanted to share their experience of attending a Valleys Steps course:

I had never heard of Valleys Steps until it was recommended to me by my GP. I was very impressed by Paul the Practitioner; whilst the subject matter is serious the he made it interesting and enjoyable. I have gained great benefit from attending the Stress Control  course and often use the relaxation track. I have noticed the difference from when I started the course and I feel much better than I did at the beginning. 

At the start of the course I was in a very low state with no energy – I felt very stressed and couldn’t cope.

The course has helped me to set out a plan which eases my stress, brightens my spirits and helps me to cope better –

An excellent course!!

Attended Stress Control in VAMT, Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tydfil

I have found the course very beneficial for a number of reasons:

  1. We were made to feel very comfortable as soon as we entered the front door, met by Gwyneth the volunteer.
  2. There was no pressure whatsoever for anyone to contribute verbally in any way to the session, but it was welcomed if we felt it necessary to say something.
  3. Paul was a wonderful “provider” as course leader. He pointed out all necessary and relevant points with the right amount of humour, yet was succinct in his presentation. Thank you Paul for this.

The course itself helped us to understand and deal with “stress” in all its various forms and how to cope with it, how to react etc.

I speak for everyone on the course, all varying ages, that we have gained from it and have come away with a lot to think about and how to cope a little better with “whatever life may throw at us”

Thank you

Mrs Jeanne Coombs

Attended Stress Control at VAMT, Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tydfil.

 If you want to share your Valley Steps journey with us we would be very grateful. Feel free to be honest in your feedback (the course, venue, practitioner or your reasons for attending) we welcome the good and the bad in order to improve.

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