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Mindfulness and Stress Control audio

If you are attending, or have attended, a Valleys Steps Course you may wish to practise some of the techniques between sessions.

Please note these are introductory tracks designed to accompany the course and to teach the techniques in small steps. These tracks are not intended for more advanced mindfulness practice.

*You must NEVER use any of these downloads whilst driving or operating machinery.

Audio guides


01. Touch Meditation (4:54)

This introduces the technique of tuning into the sensation of touch in everyday situations

02. Sitting with Breath (9:00)

Teaches focus on breath without judgment

03. Sitting with Breath and Body (13:05)

Links an awareness of breath with sensations in parts of the body.

04 Sitting with Sound (10:48)

Practice at maintaining awareness of sound for its own sake.

05. Sitting with Twinges (9:13)

A track for practising non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of mild discomfort.

06. Sitting with Thoughts (10:00)

A chance to practise a technique for releasing unwanted thoughts.

07. Lying Body Scan (29:52)

A longer meditation that can be done in bed and is helpful when unable to sleep.

08. Choiceless Awareness (4:50)

A very brief introduction to awareness and acceptance of whatever comes along...

Audio guides

Stress control

01 Getting Started (1:49)

A brief introduction to the tracks and guidance for their use

02 Understanding Stress (3:11)

What stress is and how it can affect the body.

03 Deep Relaxation (19:30)

Longer muscle relaxation exercise for initial use.

04 Quick Relaxation (7:48)

Briefer relaxation for odd moments.

05 Belly Breathing (3:32)

Guidance through a belly breathing exercise

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